Leitstech proficiency and expertise in embedded technologies offer a wide variety of solutions in embedded software and hardware services to customers across various domains. Our team has proven work experience in different domains across the spectrum which includes HVAC, Home Automation, RF Design, Instrumentation, Consumer, Automotive and Utility Metering.

We are adept in designing and developing industrial electronic device prototypes for different OEMs and ODMs, and also in crafting various products/solutions that cater to the mass keeping in mind a good cause.

Electronic Product Design

We have vast experience on various aspect of Electronic Product Design, these designs includes various markets in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia on Various Domains.

Conceptualization to Production Support
Design for Manufacturability
Design for Safety
Design for Reliability
Design for Testability
Designs to meet various international Standards
Regulatory Compliance
Life cycle management
Value Engineering
Hardware Design
Digital & Analog Designs
8/16/32 bit Micro-controllers (Microchip,TI,NXP,Renesas,Freescale,Analogdevices,
Atmel,Samsung etc )
Mixed signal designs ( ADCs’, DAC’s, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Up to 24 bit ADC’s)
RF designs ( ISM band transceivers, Module Based Designs)
Power Supply designs ( SMPS, Linear, Converters, Chargers )
Component Modeling and Circuit simulation using PSpice.
Design Conformance to Standards ( House Hold Appliances, IT, Test & Measurements, Fire and Safety, Commercial, Industrial, Safety etc )
Design for Safety, Various environment & EMI-EMC Specifications
Expertise in DFM&DFT
Design for reliability – MTBF, Stress Analysis
DFMEA/ Fault tree Analysis
Component engineering, Obsolescence Management
Thermal analysis for Electronics
PCB Design( CADSTAR, Cadence,Altium, PADS etc.)
Component Procurement & Prototyping
Environmental Compliance : RoHS, REACH
Software Design
RTOS based software Development
Embedded C & C++ Programming for Various Controllers
Software Safety &Reliability for Safety environments
Assembly Language
PC Software Development forFunctional Testing/ Calibration
Development Tools ( Assembler, Debugger, Emulator, IDE’s, Compliers etc)
Communications Interfaces
RS232, RS485,USB,CAN,I2C,SPI,1Wire,ProfiBUS,HART,MODBUS,PLC ( Power Line Communication )

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